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Excerpts from a Few of Our Notes Received From Parents & Kids

To say my daughter loved your camp would be an understatement! Everyday was a new learning experience! Boating, sailing, fishing, hiking, myths, legends, science, environmental issues – your personnel covered a gamut of great activities. Her portfolio was full of thought provoking and useful material. It is one of the best programs I have seen and based on my child’s reaction, the impact is intense. My daughter will never forget this experience!

Linda T

I am so grateful that my child had the experience of your camp. He was at first challenged by the rigors of being out on the water, but by the end of the week he was eager for more. He loved checking the lobster pots and learning how to handle crabs and sea robins. He continues to talk and be curious about all the creatures he encountered during the camp week. Sound Connections has really sparked his enthusiasm for life and learning. I wish every child could have this experience. Thank you for a wonderful program.

Marcy C.

I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with this program . . . It was awesome! Our (son) is 12 and has been doing various things throughout his life as well as attending various camps. This has been the only camp that he continues to talk about day in and day out. He proudly displays all his tokens, including shells and dried up crabs in his room for all his friends to see. If one asks where they came from he gives them all the history and great experiences he enjoyed. . . I also want to mention the staff . . .very well trained and just an exceptional bunch of people in dealing with and educating the children. . . Sending a child to a camp that is on the water gives any mother the sense to worry, but I did not once worry about any issues related to the water. The safety instruction provided in the beginning taught J the issues surrounding safety as well as making him aware of his surroundings. . . I could go on and on with all the stories and knowledge J learned in just one week’s time. I wish to thank everyone at Maritime for their hard work and dedication. . . . an excellent program!

Shelly P.

How do I begin to tell all of you of the Gem we have found here on the shoreline? We are so grateful and thankful to have our child be a part of such a learning experience. Our child woke up every day excited to go and learn and then share his experiences. There is a spark in our child’s eyes that you cannot copy. It is a spark of amazement and wonder at what he has learned during the day, what he found, and the excitement about what tomorrow will bring . . . what he will be learning. Thank you all so very much for such an enriching and enlightening experience.

Parents of special needs child, The W. Family/MD

You created a sea monster! Our son attended your program a month ago and has not stopped expounding about what he learned there this summer! He was always very curious about the sound, river and shore areas, but now he is motivated to continue and explore areas you taught him about. You have really spiked his interest! Thank you for a wonderful educational program. You taught him more about the marine environment in a week than he learned in the 12 years we’ve lived in Old Saybrook.

Pat and Ernie C.

We just had to send a note to let you know what a great experience our son had during his week with Maritime Education Network. He jumped in the car each morning and arrived home happy, tired and full of knowledge each afternoon! Usually a one-word-answer kind of child when asked about his day . . .Chris was talking and sharing everything he learned about the environment, boating safety, history and legends, critters, science, charting (using actual math!) and all the friends he made. . . . Keep up the great work!

Ray & Kara M

The one week our daughter spent with your organization gave her knowledge, confidence and exposure to a world unbeknownst to her. Each morning she eagerly awoke and got ready anticipating a new adventure. Each afternoon she arrived home enthusiastic and overflowed with details of her day. She could not speak fast enough to get the words out!

Pamela and Michael K.

M and K were so thrilled with their experiences that they could hardly contain their enthusiasm during dinner. Your program is so well designed and taught so much about the local area, the eco-system in the Sound and Connecticut River. The hands-on nature of the program is wonderful. Seeing someone pull fish up in a net is not nearly the same as doing it yourself! Driving by the salt marsh in a car will never compare to wading through it and checking out the creatures living there. Your program is outstanding and a terrific opportunity to learn and grow.

Marylee P.

I cannot thank you enough for the FANTASTIC opportunity you presented to my son, M. What a joy to see my son come home everyday excited to share his adventures with me. . . always so interesting. He explained that every morning there was a classroom component and that it was later applied. What a great way to teach. Never once did I hear “Do I have to go?, as has been his response with most programs after the first few days. The only way to improve upon this program is to do more of it. BRAVO!!

Tina T.

I cannot thank you all enough for the fun, (what summer should be for kids) excitement, and learning about the sound that K talked about after her fun filled days. Evening dinner discussions were filled with lobster facts, salt marshes, high/low tides and fish cycles among many topics. Especially great were discussions on boats . . .Thank you and your knowledgeable staff . We highly recommend this wonderful program!

Susan D.

As a parent, I must say, I have found this program to be refreshing in many ways and extremely beneficial. So many after school and summer programs are not interesting, adventurous or challenging. I thank you for your dedication and vision and for the many Michelle’s that will hopefully have the same opportunity to do these adventurous and fun things.

Antonia O.

My son A is still talking about the things he learned over the course of his fun-filled week! I especially enjoyed seeing the strong academic component as well as the chance to work with teachers and peers from around the state. The program was well organized and communication with parents was excellent. I hope this program continues so that many more children may benefit from such a well run maritime experience!

Nancy and Alex T.

The program my son attended last week was phenomenal!! Your program was a fantastic introduction to the Connecticut coastline and waterways. (Our son) had never ocean fished, netted or pulled lobster traps. Many of the sea creatures that were caught and inspected by the children put the ocean environment into perspective for them. What was real and important to the Long Island Sound inhabitants became real and important to the children as well. Water testing and many other scientific activities proved to be fun experiences while providing important information. A participant (child) or parent couldn’t ask for more in regard to a program. Keep up the good work! Maybe an adult class could . . .

Andrea D

I want to let you know what a wonderful experience your one week program has been for our son. We are new arrivals in this area. Thanks to your program, (our son) has experienced two very essential elements of this wonderful state of CT – its unique coastal geography and its cultural diversity.
On a more personal level, your program has helped (C) discover some important things about marine activities and about himself. Thanks to your progam, he now knows he loves sailing, and wants to go on to learn more about it, and marine science. Also, thanks to your program, he can now be OUR teacher as we explore our new home, both on water and on land. He really loved your program. You have helped him develop new enthusiasms and curiosities. Thank you for all the effort and the care you have put into your program. You are a unique and wonderful asset to the entire state.

Dominick & Mary Ann

But the best testimonies we get are from our campers:

. . . It’s very exciting. Have you ever been otter trawling, sailing or lobstering? Well, if you haven’t, you’re missing a lot because these are some of the things we do, things that are really exciting. It’s even more fun when you haven’t done them before. This place is like my dream come true. The person who thought of this program really knows what kids want!

Shanado W.

During this week, I think I’ve learned more that I can inside a classroom in a month. Not only did I learn how to go fishing, drive a boat and go lobstering, I made many new friends and met many new people. Not only were the campers great people to be with, but the staff members were wonderful.

Anthony S.

I have had a wonderful week here. This program helps kids find out they can do things they never thought they could. On behalf of my classmates, I would like to say, “This camp rules!!!” Here, they mix fun and education. The counselors have you do things they know you’ll love. . . for example, I thought I could never drive a motor boat and see 4 ecosystems in 1 week! . . . This is the best camp ever! I loved everything we did and the counselors were great! I can’t wait to come back next year and do it all again!

Joe B.

I’ve never had so much fun in my life!

Azra S.

I loved the program and liked everything we did. I liked meeting new friends. Although we are different from the outside, we are the same on the inside and everybody can do anything if they try.


This week, I experienced many new things and learned even more. We went to Griswold Point, Selden’s Island, have navigated the channel and explored Calves Island. I really enjoyed this week. I especially liked catching and handling the lobsters from the pots. We broke the previous record of 10 by catching 15 “keepers”. I also liked driving the boat. Exploring Calves Island was fun, especially sliding down the sand dunes. The trip to the coldwater spring on Selden’s was fun. We got to hike through hills, pricker bushes, marsh and finally got to the coldwater spring. The water there is excellent! The only thing I didn’t like was having to wear life jackets in an inch of water. How is that dangerous? So this week was very fun and I want to come back. Thank you!!

Dillon J

This camp brings out things in us that we never knew about ourselves whether it is that we are great at catching fish or that someone likes going slow on a boat rather than fast. This camp is really great! This was the best week of my summer, from making new friends to learning about the Sound. The week was perfect.

Melissa B.

Maritime camp was really fun. It was so fun because I learned a tremendous amount about Long Island Sound while having the most fun I’ve ever had. I learned all about fishing, sailing, wildlife, otter trawling and lobstering. Fishing was cool. My friend caught a striper! Sailing was the best. I got to learn how to tack and I got to sail the sailboat. We saw a big lighthouse, wildlife was really awesome. I saw a turtle, a snake, crabs, skates, hermit crabs, fish and snails. We even saw an eagle! We went otter trawling and caught lots of baby flounder. We caught a skate too! Lobstering was kind of icky but I learned a lot about lobsters. I got to throw out the old bait. . . . Selden’s Island was awesome. We got to see the old quarry from 100 years ago. This program was the best ever!


The program encourages discovery and self-discovery; The instructors were kind and helpful. It promises fun for everyone who comes to Maritime!

Kettie N.

I absolutely loved the Maritime Ed camp! It was so much fun. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I learned so much!!! . . . I am extremely happy that I came and will definitely come back next year. THANK YOU!!!!

Jim D

This is a great program and I think it should stay exactly how it is because it can’t get any better!

Chris B.

Seine netting was the most fun part of the day for me but the most interesting part of my day was when we tested the water quality of the CT River. This was important to me due to the fact that I care about the water that I swim in.

Bryan C.

This was the greatest program I ever been on!

Richard S.

This week was a lot of fun. We learned a whole bunch of new things, everything from Joshua’s Rock to the Buoy 14 story. I think that this is a great way to learn about the ocean and have fun at the same time. I like to way that they believe in learning by doing it. It also makes the education one of the really fun parts of it. This is my second year here and I am happy to be coming back next year!

Kelsey H. MD

Thank you for teaching Nicolas about marine life on the CT shore. This is a wonderful program!

Jeannine W.

The kids loved it and were so energized and excited each day!

Kathy J. /MD

Thanks for giving Thomas such a great week of fun and learning. He enjoyed every minute!

S and S had a great time! They didn’t want to leave! They were so excited to share with us what they learned each day!

Dina V. and Michael J. /MD


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